Press Release: Indian Cement Review -
Interview with Mr P L Muthusekkar -
Managing Director of NORD
Drivesystems Pvt Ltd

1) What is your offering to this market?

The drive systems are very important component of a cement machinery. They transmit power to the entire machinery, thus, resulting in their movement which in turn helps processing . You will notice that how , though indirectly, but significantly drivessyetms contribute a lot to overall performance of the entire equipment. The more efficient the drive system, the more efficient is the machinery and so the entire process.

We manufacture wide range of geared motors, motors, frequency inverters and also we are the only manufacturer in the world which produces industrial gear units up to 229 kNm as UNICASE versions. NORD´s wide variety of gear types covers torques from 10 Nm to 2,00,000 Nm. The company also manufactures motors delivering outputs from .12 kW to 200 kW, and power electronics ranging from frequency inverters to servo controllers.

2) Are you in the process of expanding your production capacity in India?

We are certainly looking for expanding our facilities in India due to the last 5 year CAGR and looking beyond, it augments for setting up an Greenfield project. We are in the process of identifying new location based on the addressing markets and logistics advantages.

3) What are the technological developments in cement machinery manufacturing?

Technological developments are focused not only on cement machinery but in general on overall operations of the entire industry . The developments are going towards more energy efficiency and cost saving concepts!

4) Do you have an R&D division?


As we are a supplier for drive systems , our researches and developments are not focused directly to a certain industry sector!

Nevertheless, we have an Industry sector management, responsible for market researches and evaluations to find out the requirements and needs of this market to provide best-fit products of the type mentioned above! Developments for certain industry sectors, as well as for the cement market, were done and will be done in the future as well!

How does NORD as a supplier to cement machinery contribute to cost saving?

Use of latest technology in a plant in terms of machinery sure offers significant cost advantage . One of the methods to save operations cost is through saving overall energy consumed in processes. NORD as a supplier for drive systems for the cement machinery industry can offer a wide range of energy efficient drive systems scuh as helical bevel gear units instead of worm gear units or high-/premium-efficiency motors .

In addition to these, our product range includes highly optimised and energy efficient decentralised drive solutions whcih we have been developing for past 5 years now. We have expanded NORDAC-DA flexible decentralized concept with a further module. The new SK 200E frequency inverter series is designed to be mounted directly on the motor terminal box to create a combined, fully integrated unit for use in the field. Similar to the SK 500E inverter series, which was launched two years ago, the new models provide a continuous range of performance and various optional features, which greatly simplify the selection of models to suit the particular application.
NORD can provide detailed consulting on energy efficient use of drive systems and can work out a concept, perfectly fitting to the customers/machineries requirements which in turn will lead to reduction in overall cost by a remarkable figure.

Mr Muthusekkar has 25 years' varied experience of gear sales and marketing activities, ranging from low to high speed geared motors, low or high power, for various applications such as the marine and locomotive industries, turbines, renewable energy and milling. He has worked as Factory Manager and Country Manager for Siemens - Flender Graffenstaden and business unit director for Bonfiglioli.
Mr Muthusekkar is also a member of the GLC Council and an engineering student mentor.

NORD India was established in the year 2005 at Hinjewadi / Pune, the engineering capital of India, and full fledged operation was commenced from 2007, to serve the customers in India and the SAARC countries. NORD in India is growing at CAGR of 30%, and has contributed `60 crore to the global turnover.

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