Grain Industry

Drive solutions for the grain industry

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers holistic solutions for the special requirements of the grain industry. NORD supports your filling, storage and emptying plants, your grain silos and your processes in the processing and production of various grain industry products. With in-depth application know-how and worldwide technical support, NORD offers complete drive solutions from a single source.

Integrated solutions for the special requirements of the grain industry

  • Easy commissioning
  • Easy maintenance, and safe and reliable operation
  • Reduced total costs of ownership (TCO)
  • Modular design
  • Energy savings
  • Project and product support
  • Global NORD network

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a global full-service provider of robust and reliable drive systems for the demanding environmental conditions in the grain industry. NORD manufactures application-specific and individual drive solutions and standard geared motors that have been designed for the special challenges in the grain industry.


  • Filling / reception
  • Storage / conveying
  • Emptying / discharge

Grain silo systems

  • Port (maritime and river transport)
  • Rail
  • Trucks

Processing / manufacture

  • Vegetable oil
  • Grain mills
  • Feedstuff
  • Fertiliser
  • Mixing plants


  • Extensive application knowledge and technical support
  • Complete drive solutions from a single source
  • Strong global presence and service
  • Wide range of products with high quality standards
  • Great reliability and efficiency, certified by: ISO 9001, UL, CSA, EAC, CCC and ATEX
  • Application know-how and technical support with experience from a variety of installed solutions in the grain industry

Trough chain conveyors

Trough chain conveyors are used to dose or transport bulk materials from one process to another. Thanks to their flexible design, they can be adapted to almost every system. With the fully closed design, dry and free-flowing materials can be conveyed safely and environmentally friendly. Compared to other conveyor technologies, a trough chain conveyor requires less power per material volume unit. The compact and versatile drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS suit almost every plant layout.

  • Foot, push-on or flange-mounted version
  • Robust UNICASE housing
  • Integrated housing vent
  • Case-hardened high-alloy steel gears, and high-quality bearings and shafts guarantee a long service life and high radial forces
  • Ideal gear unit version, depending on the space available

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are used for higher conveying rates with longer conveyor lines, and for individual discharge. As the material is at full rest on the moving belt, they need less drive power and are suited for horizontal and inclined conveying. To achieve the required belt speed, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers 2-stage and 3-stage drives over all power ranges.

  • Hydraulic couplings or frequency inverters for soft start
  • Optional backstop to prevent material backflow
  • Special sealing solutions
  • Shrink disc for easy installation
  • Torque bracket, torque arms

Lösungen, Referenzen, Zement, Mineralien, Bulk Material Handling, Schüttgut, Förderanlage

Rotary feeders / feeders / slide valves

Bulk materials can be controlled, measured and dosed using rotary feeders, feeders or slide valves, to ensure the correct material flow for the process. An exact positioning, and constant and freely selectable or variable speeds are relevant to the process and can be achieved with NORD drive technology.

  • Corrosion-resistant versions available for many applications
  • Reversing operation optionally available so that material blockages (e.g. stones) can be resolved.
  • Foot, push-on or flange-mounted version
  • Space-saving design
  • Special sealing solutions

Clearing screws and rotating screws

Discharging remaining materials from a silo is done using silo screw conveyors. Intelligent torque monitoring and the ability for reversing operation allow for overload protection in case of a blockage by foreign materials. Here, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides precise and flexible configurable frequency inverters.

  • Robust UNICASE housing
  • Foot, push-on or flange-mounted version
  • Reinforced bearing for high axial and radial load capacities
  • Intelligent drive electronics and torque control

Screw Conveyor Teaser Bulk Minerals Grain Campaign Schneckenförderer Teaser

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors consist of a conveyor screw supported on both sides, that rotates within a housing and thus conveys the material. The bulk materials can be horizontally, diagonally or vertically conveyed over a specific distance, and exactly dosed, e.g. using sliders. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers energy-efficient, easy-assembly and reliable drive solutions.

  • UNICASE housing
  • Special shaft seals for all environmental conditions
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Efficient direct mounting without V-belts and pulleys possible

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used to transport bulk materials in a vertical direction. With the MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers flexible solutions for torques of up to 282,000 Nm.

  • Optional backstop to prevent material backflow
  • Auxiliary drive available with freewheeling coupling and encoder for maintenance operation
  • Special sealing solutions
  • Hydraulic couplings or frequency inverters for soft start
  • Motor swing base
  • Direct mounting or IEC motor mounting

UNICASE housing

As early as 1981, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS developed the revolutionary UNICASE housing. An enclosed gear unit housing which combines all elements of the gear unit is produced from a single piece of material.

  • A housing block which integrates all bearing points
  • Complete machining in a single step
  • High output torques
  • High axial and radial loads
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Long service life
  • Quiet running

Safe, reliable and efficient drive solutions from a single source


The efficient gear units, motors and frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS contribute to a clean and safe solution. Direct motor mounting via an IEC/NEMA adapter replaces belt drives and exposed, rotating components. The compact design is non-leaking and easy to clean. ATEX-conform drive solutions increase safety against unwanted gas or dust explosions.

  • Safe and application-related drive design
  • No risk of injury due to nip points or freely rotating components
  • Compact block housing without joints that are subject to radial loads or torque


The fully matched components from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS work in perfect harmony, and their reliability makes operation safe and profitable.

  • Large output speed range and flexible attachment options
  • High precision, rigidity and strength due to UNICASE housing
  • Non-leaking operation
  • Precision-designed gears with minimal wear
  • Extraordinary robustness, quiet operation and long service life
  • Options for coupling, cooling and motor swing base
  • Status monitoring


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies a wide range of electric motors that exceed the latest global efficiency regulations and standards. The powerful and robust motors with low heating withstand peak voltages and, with their efficiency, contribute to lower operating costs and lower energy requirements.

  • Low-inertia motors are designed for inverter operation and meet the latest international energy requirements.
  • Efficient operation and optimised motor power
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Longer service life and reduced total costs of ownership (TCO)

MAXXDRIVE® Parallel Gear Units

Industrial gear units

  • Performance: 2.0 - 8,075 HP
  • Torque range: 132,800 - 2,495,900 lbf-in
  • High strength precision-made one-piece housing
  • Modular and flexible design for optimum adaptation to your application
  • Low running noise

MAXXDRIVE® XT Right-Angle Gear Units

Industrial gear units

  • Performance: 30 - 2,825 HP
  • Torque range: 132,800 - 663,800 lbf-in
  • High strength precision-made one-piece housing
  • Optimised housing geometry and airflow to achieve maximum thermal limit powers with axial fan
  • Low running noise

NORDAC FLEX - SK 200E - Frequency Inverter

Greater flexibility, lower costs

  • Power range: 0.25 - 22 kW
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • Wall or motor mounting
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to modular structure

NORDAC PRO - SK 500E - Frequency Inverter

Wide range of functions, full power

  • Protection class: IP20
  • Power range: 0.25 - 160 kW
  • Protection class: IP20

Dust explosion protection

Explosion protected motors

  • Power ranges: 0.12 - 22 kW
  • Efficiency classes: IE1 and IE2

Gas explosion protection

Explosion protected motors

  • Power ranges: 0.12 - 22 kW
  • Efficiency classes: IE1 and IE2


Drive systems provide conveying power in grain mill

Explosion-proof NORD drives support the processing of grain and seeds in the mills of Arnreiter Mühle GmbH. They drive conveying and distribution systems reliably and in continuous operation.

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Application for agricultural Systems at Arnreiter Mühle GmbH.

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