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Consistent drive concept for automated baggage handling systems

At the inter airport Europe 2013 exhibition in Munich, Germany, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presented a consistent drive concept for baggage handling in airports. Combined with efficient geared motors from NORD, its decentralized frequency inverters and motor starters demonstrated sleek, user-friendly one-stop solutions.


Bargteheide , 2013-10-24

An SK 200E inverter with a directly wired motor encoder, an integrated positioning function, and brake management (via a 180 V DC output) was employed for lifting, lowering, and positioning. Models from the same inverter line ensured contact-free baggage accumulation on belt conveyors with sensor signals directly routed to the inverter via interfaces.

In order to seamlessly transfer baggage to the hoist, the various drive units were synchronized. In the exhibition demonstration, a compact SK 180E inverter controls the roller conveyor drive, also allowing for accumulation and synchronization. Featuring the same operating interface, NORD’s SK 135 soft starter / reversing starters provide protection for the conveyor and gear unit mechanics.

Since the starter is also mounted directly on the motor’s terminal box and includes extensive protection features, the integrated design presents a cost-efficient alternative to centralized solutions that require considerable wiring effort as well as separate motor protection switches, reversing contactors, and brake rectifiers. In the exhibition model, the controller and the drives communicate via Profibus. In addition, NORD also implements connections via all standard bus systems such as Profinet or EtherNet/IP. The full-scale supplier offers an extensive in-house range of mechatronic drives. For baggage handling systems, NORD designs and plans individual, low-maintenance drive solutions that support straightforward variant management.