Environmental & Energy Policies

The management is very aware of the environmental relevance of our company. Economical, profit-orientated development and environmental protection are not understood to be conflicting interests, but rather as a common goal.

Our environmental and energy policy is based on consistent compliance with all of the relevant laws and regulations. For us, environmental protection and saving of resources is not merely a question of laws and regulations. We pursue both of these goals on our own initiative and responsibility, with the aim of continuous improvement.

The scope of application of our environmental management system includes the company headquarters in Bargteheide. The scope of application of the energy management system includes the GBN division as well as the operative units MTN, PTN, FTN and ZWN.

In the development of new products or production processes we take the associated environmental effects into account at an early stage. We endeavour to use optimum raw materials and intermediate products and design our products so that they can be recycled to the greatest possible extent after use and contribute to the reduction of energy consumption when used by our customers.

When selecting our suppliers, we also take into account their dedication to environmental protection. We ensure that contact partners who are active on our premises observe our regulations with regard to this. Energy efficiency is also a decisive criterion for the procurement of essential energy-consuming equipment.

We optimise our production processes to produce the lowest possible emissions and enable minimum consumption of energy and raw materials. We regularly monitor our emissions of environmental pollutants, as well as our energy consumption. We aim to keep environmental pollution due to waste, sewage and noise as low as possible or to avoid these wherever this is feasible.

We promote individually responsible environmentally and energy-conscious activity by our employees by informing and training them and encouraging them to introduce their own ideas and solution suggestions.

The management is obliged and committed to the availability of information and the provision of the necessary resources in order to achieve the operative and strategic energy and environmental targets. The NORD environmental and energy policy is reviewed at regular intervals and modified wherever necessary.

We inform the general public and especially our neighbours, of our activities and the associated environmental effects, and maintain a relationship to the responsible authorities, which is based on openness and trust.