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Parallel Shaft Gearbox From NORD

Whether your application involves mixing, agitating, conveying or another high torque manufacturing process, reducing downtime is of the utmost importance.

New Clicher Sizes

Waunakee, WI , 2016-12-09

The new offering, for case sizes 10 and 11, is ideal for keeping your rugged, high demand equipment running longer in the most severe applications.

The new product design uses many of the same gears as NORD’s MAXXDRIVE™ large industrial gear units, which improves reliability and durability to lengthen service intervals and reduce downtime. The housing redesign has an optimized strength to weight ratio, allowing for easier handling and installation. The SK10382.1 and SK11382.1 gear housings maintain all the dimensions and flexible mounting options from the legacy product, enabling seamless cross over and quick installation when replacements are needed.

“By applying our expertise at designing and manufacturing parallel shaft gearboxes, we’ve enhanced the performance of our large gear units.” said Jim Alt, product manager of mechanical products at NORD. “In addition, the use of premium, wear-free gearing provides excellent value and performance by offering increased efficiency and higher torque for an overall lower cost.”

The size 10 and 11 CLINCHER™ gear units have torque capacities as high as 414,300 lb-in, a ratio range of 12.22:1 – 343.19:1, and output speeds as low as 5.1 rpm and as high as 125 rpm. The product is assembled at the NORD US headquarters in Waunakee, WI and can be delivered within NORD’s industry leading standard delivery time.