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Drives from NORD with NSD tupH Sealed Surface Conversion

Durable and reliable – even in extremely harsh operating conditions. In his processing center, Dutch mussel processor Krijn Verwijs relies on corrosion-resistant drive solutions from NORD.


Bargteheide , 2018-04-03

Hundreds of 2hp gearmotors keep the conveyor belts moving at Krijn Verwijs ’ shellfish processing center. The salt rich air made conventional drives reach their operating limit too quickly. Brand new cast iron gearmotors showed first signs of rust after just a few weeks and only lasted about two years before they had to be replaced. Even high quality paint coatings could not significantly delay corrosion in these aggressive ambient conditions. Stainless steel was also not a reasonable solution as the drives become very hot and require a long cooling period before they can be cleaned.

The solution: NORD aluminium drives with nsd tupH surface treatment . For the nsd tupH conversion, no coating is applied – so that nothing can flake off. Instead, the surface treatment creates a base layer which is permanently bonded to the aluminum. On the basis of an electrolytic process, this treatment gives aluminium housings a similar corrosion resistance to that of stainless steel. The scratch-proof surface is also six times harder than the untreated aluminium alloy and a thousand times harder than paint.

Purchase costs for aluminium systems with nsd tupH surfaces may be higher compared to those of conventional drives made from cast iron, but this is offset by the much longer service life that is achieved. In addition, costs for replacement motors and excessive installation efforts are eliminated. Bram de Visser, service manager at Krijn Verwijs: “With the new NORD solution, we no longer have to keep worrying about the drive systems. We are expecting the drives treated with nsd tupH to last at least five times longer than the old geared motors."

The nsd tupH treatment is available for all NORD products with aluminum housings.

AT A GLANCE: Advantages of nsd tupH

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability comparable to that of stainless steel
  • Will not flake
  • Lighter than stainless steel
  • Cost-effective alternative to stainless steel
  • Ability to dissipate heat more effectively than stainless steel