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NORDAC LINK – Drives for Warehouse Logistics

At the 6th annual Technical Press Days event in Hamburg, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presented its LogiDrive drive solution.


Bargteheide , 2018-01-03

This complete drive solution is optimized for applications used in conveyor and handling technology. With the help of the modular LogiDrive system, a suitable drive solution can be designed for all common warehouse logistics operations utilizing only three different sizes.

The new NORDAC LINK family of decentralized drive electronics is the ideal answer to the evolution of control architectures – from the automation pyramid to an intelligent automation network. With a PLC integrated into the NORD frequency inverter, application-specific functions close to the drive unit can be efficiently programmed and parameterized the same way as other frequency inverter functions. Intelligent drives are an integral part of the automation network. They continuously log drive and application data and evaluate all available data from sensors and actuators. The collected data are then processed and evaluated locally by the integrated PLC. The intelligent drive transmits all relevant data to the control center and other components on the network. The intelligent drive operates independently from a higher-level control system so that it is able to initiate control of sequences and movement autonomously and respond appropriately at any time. At the 2017 Technical Press Days which took place at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, automation industry journalists learned that NORD DRIVESYSTEMS successfully provided NORDAC LINK drives for various projects including baggage sorting systems, automated warehouses and parcel distribution centers.

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