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MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units – NORD’s strongest

The MAXXDRIVE® series of parallel and right-angle gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers high torque outputs from 15 to 282 kNm in 11 different sizes. In addition to this proven standard series, the new MAXXDRIVE® XT series brings together thermally optimized gear units in seven sizes from 15 to 75 kNm. The modular system with its numerous accessories and options enables the design of perfectly matched solutions for heavy-duty applications such as conveyors or agitators.

Brampton, ON , 2021-07-26

When high output torques and powers are required, MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are the best choice. Together with the appropriate accessories, the MAXXDRIVE® product range enables the development of a technically and economically perfect drive solution for every project. The comprehensive configuration and mounting options allow for standardized as well as customized drive solutions. For example, the combination of motor, gearbox, coupling, and braking system results in a perfectly designed system that is delivered ready for installation, mounted on a motor or base frame. The motor can also be mounted using an IEC/NEMA adapter.

Our many flange and output shaft versions ensure a perfect match with the customer's application. The mechanical and thermal design of all NORD industrial gear units is always based on the existing operating data of the application as well as on the environmental conditions of the installation site. Hence, the MAXXDRIVE® portfolio ensures maximum adaptability, resulting in drive systems that meet the most stringent reliability and durability requirements.

To learn more about our drive solutions or to create a specific modular system, contact NORD . Together with you, we will develop the right solution.