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NORD: A Strong and Reliable Global Partner

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS as a competent partner, keeps the world moving. Our drive experts guarantees full delivery availability and offers an excellent and global service even in these challenging times.

Brampton, ON , 2021-05-12

Even during the COVID crisis, NORD global network guarantees continued quality production and logistics . With the launch of innovative products – like the new and patent pending DuoDrive integrated gearmotor, the IE5+ synchronous motor and the NORDAC ON/ON+ decentralised frequency inverters. NORD continues to lead as one of the global full-service providers in the field of drive technology.

The high-efficiency portfolio from NORD represents the continuing success as well as the company’s reliability, stability and sustainability during very challenging times that are increasingly characterised by topics like energy efficiency and digitalisation.

Optimum solutions are assembled individually on the basis of a comprehensive modular product range. The result is a complete, safe, long-life and efficient system solution which is fully tailored to the particular needs of the customer.

Above all, NORD team is always available for its customers and provides quick on-site support. This is made possible by a comprehensive sales and service network with 48 subsidiaries in 36 countries and further partners in more than 50 countries. This way, NORD ensures optimum availability around the globe, short delivery times and customer-oriented services.

DuoDrive North America Availability Q4 2021

IE5+ Motors Size 90 North America Availability Q4 2021

NORDAC ON/ON+ North America Availability Q1 2022