Sealed Surface Conversion System

NSD TupH is an alternative to stainless steel at a fraction of the price. It has been tested for use in the harshest environments and is much lighter in weight for easier mounting and maintenance. NORD Gear has redefined surface protection.

Surface Protection Reinvented!

NSD TupH Sealed Surface Conversion System

At last it’s here, a cost effective and weight-saving alternative to stainless steel for use in the harshest environments. NORD has redefined surface protection. NSD TupH is a true innovation in corrosion resistance cleanable sealed surfaces. Molecular conversion of the aluminum alloy provides our drive equipment with all the protection your application demands. All of this at a fraction of the price you have been forced to pay for stainless steel. Introducing NSD TupH, the better solution you have been asking for is finally here. You can immediately start saving big money on protection without compromising quality.Contact us today and find out how you can profit from NORD Reinvention.

Surface Comparison

On an original painted aluminum surface the paint simply lies on top of the aluminum substrate and may even bridge across pores in the metal. Since paint does not form a permanent bond to the substrate, it can easily release at very low stress levels.

The NSD TupH process includes a base layer that is permanently bonded to the aluminum substrate and provides a powerful foundation for adhesion of the surface sealant. This foundation provides excellent roughness, is 6-7x harder than the aluminum substrate and up to 1000x harder than paint.