Electronic Drive Technology

Frequency Inverters and Motor Starters

Frequency inverters and motor starters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are available as centralized solutions for control cabinet installation or as decentralized versions for use on the application. A versatile offering ensures you have the best solution for your application.

NORD Frequency Inverters already meet the requirements of energy efficiency classification IE2 of the new Ecodesign directive (EU) 2019/1781 (valid from 1st of July 2021).

NORD's Innovative Drive Technology Range

NORD's innovative drive technology range can be configured to match almost all applications. As a drives applications expert, NORD cooperates with customers all over the world to provide solutions that are perfectly matched to their requirements. Scalable functions are available for every drive application. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has years of experience offering its global customers AC vector drives for control cabinet installation as well as distributed drive technology.

NORD Drive Solutions Offer Customers a High Degree of Performance and Safety, Regardless of Whether the AC Vector Drive is Installed in the Control Cabinet or as a Distributed Drive System.

NORD's cabinent mount and distributed control drive electronics are both characterized by their scalable functionality, ease of installation, and high precision regulation. The PLC integrated in the NORD distributed drives enables the customer to design modular and autonomous production systems. The NORD CON tools simplify the entire installation process and allow for easy adjustment and operation of the technology. With optimized cabling, users can save system costs. Our drive solutions are designed for operation with asynchronous and synchronous motors.

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A Modular System – Many Advantages

Thanks to its scalable functions, NORD's modular system can be perfectly matched for every drive task. Our drive electronics support all common bus systems and communicate with all controllers. The POSICON positioning control offers the user an integrated positioning and synchronisation mode. Functional safety is integrated thanks to STO and SS1. NORD AC vector drives also offer integrated brake rectifiers for motor brake control. An energy saving function for partial load operation as well as operating and parameter set-up tools plus a simple parameter structure complete the possibilities of our modular system.


Dashboard-based visualization for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis, Parameterization with Help function and rapid access to parameters, Oscilloscope function

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Electronic Drive Technology

Frequency Inverters and Motor Starters from NORD
Our electronic drive technology can be flexibly adapted to any application. It is also quick to install, easy to operate and is compatible with all common bus systems and controllers.

NORD frequency inverters and motor starters are ideal both for centralized operation in a control cabinet as well as for decentralized, fully integrated use directly on the motor. The inverters are Industry 4.0 ready, can be networked and with the internal PLC enable pre-processing of internal status data or data from externally connected sensors. This enables remote status monitoring.

Reasons for Buying NORD Frequency Inverters

  • Flexibility
  • Our inverters communicate via all common bus systems and can be simply integrated into any system design. Their functions and options can be customized and integrated into almost any system or machine.
  • Safety
    The frequency inverters provide extensive integrated safety and monitoring functions.
  • Global
    As a NORD customer you benefit from a wide range of services, e.g. global support for planning and commissioning of your system as well as sales partners on all continents.

Our Frequency Inverters: Intelligent and Easy to Connect
Frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with powerful processors and provide optimum control precision. Integration of the inverter into various control systems is guaranteed by a wide variety of different communication interfaces.

A great advantage for process quality is the intelligence of the systems: With the aid of the integrated PLC, the inverters can respond autonomously to changes and remedy issues independently from the system controller.

See how our frequency inverters enable the efficient operation of filter systems for the beverage industry:
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NORD Motor Starters: Quick and Robust Starting Assistance
Freely configurable and simple to install: Our NORDAC motor starters. These systems enable fully electronic, wear-free starting and are equipped with a reversing function. Motor starters from the NORDAC START series are equipped with extensive safety devices, e.g. internal motor protection and a brake rectifier to control the motor brake. Installation of a motor protection switch is therefore eliminated.

Thanks to their built-in potentiometer, NORDAC START motor starters can be rapidly commissioned and are also equipped with a DIP switch for configuration.

Our motor starters from the NORDAC LINK series can be integrated into various field bus systems. Within the NORDAC LINK family we also offer a corresponding frequency inverter with integrated PLC, which optimally provides functions close to the drive.

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Variable frequency drive

Powerful, compact variable frequency drives
Since 1984, Nord Electronic Drivesystems has been developing and producing electronic drive technology in our own factory in Aurich, Germany. With our extensive know-how and large production capacity, we offer our customers optimum quality and short delivery times for variable frequency drives and motor starters as part of a comprehensive modular range of drive components.

What are variable frequency drives for?
Since the 19th century, electric motors have been used for many purposes. However, they only obtained one important feature with the arrival of the first variable frequency drives in the late 1960s: flexible speed control.

If an electric gearmotor is operated with a constant AC voltage (usually single-phase, 230 volts / 3-phase, 400 volts with a frequency of 50 Hz), its speed is fixed. Variable speeds, for example to vary the volume flow of a pump or to deliberately start a drive slowly, are not possible.

The variable frequency drive is connected between the supply network and the motor. The AC voltage from the network is converted to a high DC voltage by means of the electronics (rectifiers) in the variable frequency drive. From this DC voltage, any required output voltage can be generated using electronic circuits (inverters).

With the aid of these electronic circuits, the variable frequency drive flexibly changes the voltage and frequency at the motor connection, so that the speed of the electric motor can be variably controlled. Modern variable frequency drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® can do this so perfectly, that a three-phase motor can be controlled with relatively high precision, just like a servo motor – from standstill to full speed and from left and right rotation without having to reverse the polarity of the motor.

NORD® inverters have many other intelligent functions and an integrated PLC, and electronically monitor a large number of status parameters for the drive. With this, they have become intelligent control units for electric drive units in all sectors of industry and logistics: Drives for fans, blowers, pumps, cranes, conveyor belts, production machines, machine tools, mixers and agitators, as well as for intralogistics applications for dispatch, transport and travel. Variable frequency drives are an important prerequisite for optimized, automated and energy-efficient production processes.

What types of variable frequency drives does NORD® supply?
With the NORDAC® PRO device series, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS® provides classic control cabinet inverters, which are centrally installed in a closed control cabinet. They cover power ranges of up to 160 kW. Therefore, large and small gearmotors can be used in centralized plant designs. These variable frequency drives are the optimum solution if the entire control technology of a plant is to be monitored from a central point such as a control center.

In parallel, decentralized drive technology is becoming increasingly popular. It can be installed directly on the relevant drive or, for better accessibility due to the space available, in the immediate vicinity of the drive. The NORDAC® FLEX is ideal for extensive plant designs with a large number of drives and long cable routes. This is the case for example in warehouse and logistic installations or complex production plants. Decentralized drive technology is also ideal for the direct control of sensors and actuators in the field.

For usage scenarios in which a large combination of connection and extension options on the variable frequency drives and the use of additional peripherals such as encoders, sensors or actuators are needed, our NORDAC® LINK motor starters SK 155E and the NORDAC® LINK variable frequency drive SK 250E are the right choice thanks to their optimized connection configurations for installation close to the drive within the plant.