Drive Solutions for

Intelligent Brewing Processes

Creative craft beers are the hallmark of the Landgang Brewery headquartered in Hamburg. To control their recipe-based production, the brewers from Northern Germany rely on intelligent drive systems by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

NORD control units constantly adjust the system performance according to recipe specifications regarding consistency and weight of the ingredients. Absolute process control is guaranteed at any time.

Customer Profile

The Landgang Brewery headquartered in Hamburg specializes in brewing craft beer. Their wide variety of beers are comprised of top and bottom fermented varieties including pilsner, ale from pilsner, ale, porter, stout, and non-alcoholic brews. In addition to this list, the brewery also occasionally develops special beers for customers. All of the beers – “Helle Aufregung”, “Weizheit”, “Dunkle Macht”, “Prollbock” or “Tutti Frutti” – are brewed, bottled, and served fresh on draught on site at the Landgang brewery.

Project Challenge

Like most craft beer producers, Landgang started out as a brewery without their own production background, a so-called gypsy brewery. As Landgang’s products gained following and sales volume increased rapidly, the decision to establish a dedicated brewery was made. Rabek Engineering, a company that specializes in building high-quality, fully functional breweries, was responsible for the design and construction of the facility.

Traditional art of brewing and cutting-edge technology – Each recipe requires different specifications on the brewing system and in turn on the drives. In the mash tun, for instance, the agitator has to adapt to the different combinations of ingredients with their specific densities and volume changes. Even before the actual brewing, the process depends heavily on the drive unit. It carefully controls the malt grinder so that husks are preserved during crushing, and can later perform their filtering function while a tube chain conveyor driven by a powerful NORD geared motor gently transports the crushed grains into the brewhouse.

Individually configured inverter – In order to prevent the mixture from settling on the bottom, it is stirred continuously and carefully. Given the large weight, a drive designed for high loads with variably controlled speed is required. Additionally, the built-in variable frequency drive makes sure that the different types of movement of blade and agitator, such as lifting, lowering and rotating, can be decoupled. For this purpose, the drive unit was equipped with a hollow shaft. This special version facilitates the flexible combination of movements according to the recipe.

Application Solution

Dependable, low-maintenance brewery technology is the alpha and omega for consistent beer quality and reliability. Intelligent NORD drives significantly support the automation of the brewing process and manage the recipe diversity at Landgang Brewery. During continuous operation, they ensure the products exceptional flavor and consistent quality all year-long.

Recipe-based production with NORD drive technology – All ingredients are fully prepared and processed automatically. The brewhouse has been equipped with decentralized, intelligent NORD drives so it can be operated with extreme precision, and they are located in the exact spots where their specific functions are required. The internal PLC's within the variable frequency drives controls each drive unit individually. Each drive retrieves the applicable motion sequences for the respective recipes and adjusts them to the current weight and volume of the ingredients.

Reliable for the entire life of the brewery – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been providing drives for the beverage industry for many years. The modular product range offers scalable electronics, motors, and drive units which can be combined to form customized drive modules for many applications. NORD drives are are always dependable throughout their entire lifecycle.

NORDAC LINK - SK250E Field Distribution System

Optimized functionality with simple installation and maintenance
  • Performance: 0.75 - 10 hp
  • Protection Class: IP55, IP65
  • Decentralized Installation
  • Simple installation and maintenance due to plug-in quick disconnect capability as well as optional maintenance switch and local manual operation
  • Freely customized to the specific needs of your application