Electric Motors

Large Power; Low Consumption

NORD Electric Motors have a high efficiency, are extremely robust and can be combined with all of our gear units. Your benefit: maximum flexibility!

Electric Motors

Large power, low consumption

NORD supplies a wide range of Electric Motors, which meet all common global efficiency regulations and standards.

Our motors are used in many applications because they are not just powerful and robust, but can also be combined with all NORD gear units.

Whether in agitators, conveyor systems, intralogistics or the food industry: NORD Electric Motors can be found wherever high performance is required. They operate reliably over many years with very high efficiency (up to 95%). This saves operating costs for our customers and at the same time helps protect the environment.

Reasons to Buy NORD Electric Motors

  • Maximum efficiency
    Our Electric Motors meet the requirements of the current IEC standard 60034-30-1:2014 as well as EUP 640/2009 – even the energy-saving Synchronous Motors have the highest efficiency class IE4.
  • Ultimate quality
    We produce all motors in-house according to stringent standards.
  • High availability
    Through our in-house production we can quickly deliver all of our Electric Motors – worldwide.
  • High flexibility
    Thanks to identical motor dimensions you can easily change from one efficiency class to the next without having to make mechanical modifications. The new IE5+ synchronous motor from our high-efficiency portfolio is even smaller than an IE4 synchronous motor with the same power and is able to cover three different power levels in the same housing thanks to the modular design.

Strong and Economical – Our Electric Motors

Electric drives in industrial applications consume up to 70 percent of the total energy required. For many companies, this offers great potential for optimisation.

Because of this, NORD has developed a range of powerful energy-saving Electric Motors. These stand-alone motors feature a very high efficiency and to some extent are considerably more efficient than is prescribed by current European regulations.

NORD’s energy-efficient and reliable electric motors are suitable for almost all applications. The particularly economical IE5+ series is available in both a ventilated or a smooth surface version up to a power of 4.0 kW with a continuous torque from 1.6 to 18.2 Nm.

Do you want to significantly reduce your energy costs? Then find out more about our energy-efficient IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors!

Electric Motors for Special Fields of Use
In some applications, Standard Motors cannot be used, e.g. because the ambient conditions are too harsh, extremely heavy loads have to be moved, or there is an explosion hazard.

For these cases, our range includes special motors with a power range from 0.12 to 30 kW: The explosion protected versions are available as variants for use in dust atmospheres and in gas atmospheres. Our motors are certified according to ATEX, IECEx, and HazLoc.

View our stand-alone motors under the extremely harsh conditions of a steelworks!