Explosion-protected Motors

Optimally secured

Explosion-protected Motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provide powers from 0.12 to 30 kW and meet all of the requirements of the stringent European ATEX directives.

Electric Motors with Explosion Protection

In explosion hazard areas, systems and components must comply with the appropriate national regulations of the country in which they are operated. Within the EU, this is Directive 2014/34/EU. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has decades of experience with gas and Dust Explosion Protection and offers particularly robust Electric Motors with powers from 0.12 to 200 kW especially for this field of use.

In addition to explosion protection requirements, these motors also meet requirements which are not specified for explosion protection, such as Ecodesign, EMC and the RoHS Directive.

In addition to motors for the European market, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS also offers Explosion-protected Motors for many other regions of the world, e.g. Russia, the USA or according to the IEC EX standard.

These motors are extensively protected against explosion and are specially constructed for applications in potentially explosive dust or gas atmospheres. Our Explosion-protected Motors are used in a wide variety of applications, e.g to drive pumps, agitators or lifting gear.

Explosion-protected Motors from NORD: A sure thing

  • Robust
    Our Explosion-protected Motors can be operated in category 2D or 3D dust atmospheres (Zones 21 and 22) as well as in category 2G or 3G gas atmospheres (Zones 1 and 2).
  • Quality
    NORD DRIVESYSTEM works very closely with the Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) and the DEKRA EXAM GmbH to maintain the quality of production, inspection and products at the very highest level. All Category 2 motors have type test certification.
  • Know-how
    NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has many years experience with Gas and Dust Explosion Protection and for more than a decade has produced Explosion-protected Motors which meet even the most stringent requirements.

Drives with Dust Explosion Protection
Whether in grain mills, the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry: Explosive dust atmospheres can occur in all of these areas of use. To securely prevent fires or explosions, for use in Europe these motors fulfil the European standard EN 60079-31 and ignition protection class tD

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Explosion-protected Motors for gas atmospheres
Effective explosion protection is also essential for drive systems in environments with potentially flammable gas atmospheres. Because of this, NORD produces Explosion-protected Motors especially for these areas, which comply with the stringent regulations of EU Directive 2014/34/EU. We offer these drives with ignition protection types "Increased Safety" (e), "Pressure-Resistant Encapsulation" (d/de) and "Non-Sparking Design" (n) in the high efficiency class IE2 for these motors.

For areas in which both dust and gas atmospheres may occur, we will also be glad to supply drives with combined protection on request.