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New brewery in South Tyrol - NORD supplied tailor-made drive systems

For 40 years the old brewery was in continuous operation for Forst, a brewer of special beer. When the new brewery was built, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplied drive units perfectly customised to the client's needs for the brewing process.

Bargteheide, 2017-07-13

With a diameter of 8.6 metres and a weight of almost 21.5 tons, the lauter tun forms the heart of the system. In order to process the material as gently as possible, a low speed is necessary while the spent grain is being loosened, but a high speed is required during removal of the spent grain so that the vessel can be emptied as quickly as possible. NORD designed a drive based on a splined hollow shaft specially configured for these procedures. The drive consists of an industrial gear unit and a separate helical bevel geared motor . It has a maximum torque of 96,000 Nm and it can continuously regulate the circumferential speed of the machine from one to one hundred metres per minute with a constant torque. Thanks to the modular system, it was possible to tailor the drive units precisely to the requirements of the brewery. And thus, the time for the entire process in the lauter tun was reduced to about one and a half hours.

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