Synchronous Motors

High performance for your application

Our Synchronous Motors operate extremely efficiently. They are therefore ideal for use in energy-intensive areas such as intralogistics.

IE5+ Synchronous Motors (TEFC)

Efficient and compact

  • Performance: 0.5 HP - 5.00 HP
  • The next level of energy efficiency: IE5+
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Compact design
  • Constant high efficiency over the entire adjustment range

IE5+ Synchronous Motors (TENV)

Efficient. Hygienic. Compact

  • Performance: 0.5 HP - 3 HP
  • Protection class: IP69K
  • Efficiency class: IE5+
  • Optionally available with IP69K
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Compact and hygienic design
  • Constant high efficiency over the entire adjustment range

Standard synchronous motors

Synchronous motors

  • Performance: 1.5 HP - 7.5 HP
  • Efficiency class IE4
  • Global approvals and acceptances

Synchronous Motors

Ultimate efficiency
Synchronous Motors from NORD feature exceedingly high efficiency and a very high power density. Thanks to these excellent properties, considerable energy savings can be achieved, especially with drives for continuous operation.

NORD IE4 Motors are used throughout the world, particularly in intralogistics (e.g. in post distribution centres and airports) as well as in pumps, fans, etc.

Our AC motors: High efficiency, low consumption

  • Efficiency
    Our AC motors have a very high efficiency. Unlike commonly used Asynchronous Motors, this high efficiency remains unchanged, even during partial load operation and at low speeds.
  • High performance
    Synchronous Motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provide impressive torques and a high overload capacity of up to 300%.
  • Robust
    NORD Synchronous Motors are available in a wash-down version without fan, and if required.
  • Flexible
    Due to their high power density, our Synchronous Motors have a compact design and can therefore be easily installed in confined spaces.

More economical than demanded: our energy-saving motors
The extremely efficient operation of NORD AC motors is due to the use of permanent magnets, which eliminate the need for an external energy supply to generate the magnetic field.

Thanks to this technology, our IE4 Synchronous Motors are considerably more efficient than is stipulated by the current EU Directive 640/2009 (2009/125).

NORD energy-saving motors therefore significantly reduce your operating costs. Investment in these drives often pays for itself within less than two years (ROI).

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NORD IE4 Motors reduce the number of variants
Due to the use of permanent magnets and excellent heat dissipation, our Synchronous Motors have a high power density and a higher maximum achievable torque than comparable drives.

Due to their compact design, NORD AC motors can be easily integrated into confined spaces. Thanks to the wide frequency range of our IE4 Motors (up to 70 Hz) users can also reduce the number of drive versions which they use.

NORD Smooth Motors: Perfectly suited for the food industry
NORD AC motors are not only compact and powerful, they are also easy to clean. Due to its hygienic, easily washable surface, the wash-down version, as a Smooth Motor, is ideally suited for use in the food industry. The robust aluminium housing has protection class IP69K and can also be pressure cleaned.

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