NORD History

Goal-oriented growth

1965 Company founded

Ever since NORD was founded in 1965, all companies of the group have adhered to the common strategy of satisfying the demands of our customers.

Construction of a modern gear production factory

Establishment of worldwide subsidiaries Worldwide expansion of assembly centres

NORD's UNICASE™ "leak-proof" housing design introduced

Construction of NORD's first motor manufacturing facility

Construction of NORD's first frequency inverter manufacturing facility

Construction of motor manufacturing plant in Italy

Machining factory for castings & steel components built.

NORD Hanover Fair

New assembly plant in France

New assembly plants in Great Britain and Austria

New assembly plant in China

Expansion of Gadebusch machining plant (app.7.200 m²)

Construction of an assembly plant in Russia

Construction of a new motor plant in Italy

40 years of Nord Gear
Opening of the high-rack storage system in Bargteheide
Germany Construction of a new assembly centre in China

New production plant for electronic products opened in Aurich, Germany

Construction of new assemly plants in India and Czech Republic

Expandation at Getriebebau NORD, Bargteheide

  • Construction of a parking garage

Getriebebau NORD Headquarter, Bargteheide

Expandation at Getriebebau NORD, Bargteheide

  • Construction of a next high rack storage
  • Construction of a assembly center for industrial gear units

Expandation at Getriebebau NORD, Bargteheide

  • Expansion of a assembly center for industrial gear units

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is celebrating the inauguration of the fourth construction stage of the production facility in Gadebusch and the 25th anniversary of NORD GEAR Ltd in Brampton, Canada. In China, NORD is celebrating the opening of a second factory in Tianjin, about 100 km south-east of Beijing, while on the fifth continent, the NORD Australian subsidiary is opening in Darwin.

At present NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is represented by 35 subsidiaries throughout the world. The NORD sales and service network is supplemented by sales and service partners in more than 60 countries. With a highly motivated team of employees and a complete range of technologically excellent and high quality drive technology products, the company is ideally equipped to face the challenges of the future.

New construction of a further production facility in Suzhou

Modernisation of the service area and the painting plant at the headquarters in Bargteheide

New administration building

50th company anniversary
New construction of an office building

Expansion of production areas by 3,300m² for finishing of housings in Gadebusch
Introduction of the frequency inverter NORDAC LINK (frequency inverter / motor starter)
New construction of the installation and distribution site in Siheung, South Korea

New size of industrial gear units with 15,000 Nm
Expansion of capacity by approx. 2,000 m² at NORD Gear, Waunakee, USA

Product Launch of NORDBLOC.1 1-stage helical inline gear motor
New contruction of sales office and service center in Podleze, Poland

Introduction of the NORDCON APP and the Bluetooth stick NORDAC ACCESS BT
Optimized design for NORD Asynchronous motors
Product launch NORD IE5+ Synchronous motor
Introduction of the NORDAC PRO SK 500P
Extension of the NORDBLOC.1 1-stage helical inline gear motor
Product launch of the MAXXDRIVE® XT series

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