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Innovative corrosion protection from NORD: More durable than paint, more affordable than stainless steel

It is vital for drives in the food and beverage industry to be resistant against aggressive cleaning agents. Therefore, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides a highly effective anti-corrosion treatment which is both more affordable than drives made from stainless steel as well as more durable than common protective coating.


Bargteheide , 2017-08-10

In contrast to common coating processes, NORD's treatment method is considerably more effective. If surfaces are merely coated, the paint is likely to flake and lose its protecting effect due to chemicals and high-pressure cleaning.

The nsd tupH surface treatment from NORD on the other hand ensures that the drive is hardened even below the surface so that it is resistant against damages. DIN and standardised components as well as the output shaft of drives treated with nsd tupH are made from stainless steel. These drives are particularly suitable for use on ships and coasts where salt water creates an extremely corrosive environment.

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