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Industry 4.0: Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Drives

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS equips its drive technology with decentralised intelligence to take the load off a higher-level control unit and ensure optimal service. However, user-friendliness and higher energy efficiency are moving into the spotlight more and more.

Bargteheide, 2017-10-11

"Our customers expect an intelligent, energy-balanced system", NORD Managing Director Dr. Omar Sadi recently said in an interview. "Therefore drive solutions must be Industry 4.0 compatible and manufacturers must develop their expertise especially in electronics and software."

NORD offers extensive know-how in gear units, motors and inverters. Its long application experience allowed the company to develop its portfolio and produce intelligent, user-friendly drive systems. This includes self-sufficient drive solutions with integrated PLC which undertake decentralised control tasks. NORD would also like to improve the operation and servicing of its products and is working on an app that, among others, should support drive parameter setting. Moreover, the company is optimising its synchronous and asynchronous motors to achieve even higher energy efficiency (IE3/4/5). The higher IES0, IES1 and IES2 system efficiencies according to EN 50598-2 are also being considered in this effort.

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