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Powerful drives, personal service

The US company G.C. Evans manufactures cooling, heating and pasteurisation plants for the food industry, which have to operate reliably. For this reason G.C Evans has used robust and durable geared motors from NORD for more than ten years.

Bargteheide, 2019-05-16

In the 2008 economic crisis the company thoroughly reviewed all of its suppliers and decided only to use NORD geared motors in the future. “Not only were they lower cost than the drives from competitors, they also impressed with their high quality and sophisticated design”, remembers David McNamer. At that time, the son of the proprietor was responsible for purchasing and is delighted with the cooperation with NORD: “In the initial phase they sent the application specialist Jim Alt to us - none of our previous suppliers had ever sent an expert to us.”

Technical support by the drive supplier is very important for G.C. Evans, because a motor failure in its plant would result in large costs to the customer. NORD drives are now used in all of the company's plants. For example, in a cooling tunnel, a single geared motor moves 20,000 jam jars with a total weight of 22,000 kg. The drive has a speed ratio of 2500:1 and operates at a speed of 0.6 rpm. The motor housing is protected against corrosion and abrasion by the nsd tupH coating process, which has high resistance against the cleaning chemicals which are widely used in the food industry.

G.C. Evans was not just impressed by the performance of NORD drives, but also by the personal service : David McNamer is delighted: “We have had the same contact partner since we became their customer”.