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Going high with NORD drives

The Czech company STROS produces construction elevators for customers throughout the world. At the "Moscow City" construction site these elevators are being used to build eight high rise buildings. These are powered by high performance, customised and totally reliable drive solutions from NORD.

Bargteheite, 2019-06-11

With a height of almost 340 m, the Mercury Tower is at present the tallest building in Europe. For such heights, construction elevators must be fast and also be able to withstand wind speeds of up to 20 m/sec. STROS elevators can carry loads of up to 3,200 kg and travel at up to 100m per minute. As the entire construction site would come to a standstill without them, the elevators have to operate without interruption. Because of this, NORD developed a concept with up to three autonomously operating helical bevel geared motors, so that down times are almost completely eliminated. The motors are equipped with external brake resistors and electromagnetic disc brakes which can be released manually. Part of the customised complete solution includes a control cabinet inverter with lifting gear function. This ensures gentle starting and braking of the motors and guarantees very precise positioning.

STROS has used individually configured drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS since 1997. Depending on the project, they are supplied with units which are installed as required, which have for example reinforced bearings or special housing materials or with ATEX or NEC-compliant design. Control cabinet inverters are available for the control systems in various power classes and with matched functions.

As well as construction elevators, STROS also supplies passenger and load elevators, special and permanently installed elevators, lifting cradles, work platforms and customised solutions. These are all powered by NORD motors.