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Conveying, synchronizing, and hoisting with a uniform operation platform: Integrated materials handling drives

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies versatile drive systems with a single operation concept for conveying tasks across all branches of industry. With geared motors engineered and configured for each specific application, energy-efficient decentralized frequency inverters and motor starters for wall or motor-mounted installation provide the required control functions.

Bargteheide, 2013-10-24

Available with a wide choice of adaptable graded features and a universal user interface that supports consistent plant design, NORD’s drive electronics portfolio covers all conveying and lifting tasks. Frequency inverters offer an overload capacity of 150% for 60 s, and 200% for short periods whilst the proven ISD vector control ensures high dynamics and steady operation – even with heavy load fluctuations.

NORD’s SK 180E inverter series is well-suited for speed control of motors with up to 2.2 kW on horizontal conveyors. The SK 200E series is available for higher performance and more demanding tasks up to 22 kW. These inverters are the only units of their class to feature position control as well as interfaces for incremental and absolute encoders. In this way, they allow for the use of standard asynchronous AC induction motors in applications requiring relative or absolute position control or synchronization. Hoist applications or safety-oriented applications can also be cost-efficiently implemented with these decentralized inverters: optional features include STO and ST1 safety functions up to SIL3.

For simpler applications where inverters are not required, such as horizontal conveyors without speed variation, NORD’s SK 135E electronic and wear-free motor starter ensures soft starts and reversing operation. Users can set a boost voltage for a higher breakaway torque directly at the starter via DIP switches. Integrated protection mechanisms for the input power (current limiting), the device (overvoltage and low voltage protection), the motor (PTC/I²t, motor phases), and the overall system (torque limiting, overload) render additional cabinet-mounted devices such as motor protection switches, reversing contactors, and brake rectifiers unnecessary.