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Hamburg Airport: NORD drive technology brings baggage to its destination

Hamburg Airport is one of the top 5 airports in Germany. Every year, 15 million people pass through the Hanseatic city's airport. To ensure that the baggage arrives or departs together with the passengers, the airport relies on NORD drive solutions for its baggage handling system.

Bargteheide, 2016-08-23

The Hamburg Airport baggage handling system processes and sorts 8,700 items of baggage per hour. Every year, about nine million items of baggage pass through the airport. The baggage handling system must operate quickly and precisely; faults in the system mean delays in baggage transport and annoyed passengers. With the use of robust, plug-in NORD drive electronics with decentralised and control cabinet inverters, baggage handling proceeds precisely and flawlessly. In our application report you can read how NORD assists with baggage handling.