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The stage is yours – frequency inverters by NORD in the Duisburg Theatre

Modern automation technology at the Duisburg Theatre ensures perfect coordination of stage set, light and sound. Frequency inverters by NORD are an important element of the drive solution.

Bargteheide, 2018-08-06

Manually operated spotlights, curtains and stage elements have long become the exception in both opera houses and theatres. Just like in the Duisburg Theatre, where the drives of upper and lower machinery drives are equipped with modern control technology – touch screen control panels, efficient software and more than 100 control cabinets have been responsible for successful productions. The stage technology geared motors are controlled via axis processors, which meet Safety Integrity Level SIL 3 according to EN 61508. Each control cabinet has been fitted with a NORD SK 535E frequency inverter , providing the necessary functions and seamless integration into the security concept of the system solution.

Chosen from the frequency inverter series SK 500E by NORD were devices of the SK 535E variant in sizes 5 and 6 with up to 11 kW or 12 kW respectively. The inverters are equipped with additional input and output channels to support the “safe stop” function according to EN 954-1 / EN 13849-1 (up to safety category 4, stop category 0 and 1). They include a CANopen interface which is directly integrated into the board and an integrated POSICON module provides powerful positioning control.