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Decentralised instead of centralised: Easy baggage handling

Airport baggage handling systems consist of intricate arrangements of complex belt conveyors that must operate precisely and reliably. Often, not only mechanical but also electronic aspects must be considered in drive technology according to the customer’s wishes. NORD offers decentralised and thoroughly designed drive systems that meet all requirements.

Bargteheide, 2022-07-21

For many years, Logan Teleflex, a subsidiary of Daifuku Airport Technologies, an international solution supplier for global airport technology, had been looking for a decentralised controlling solution for its baggage handling systems.

This became reality when a decentralised solution from NORD came into play as part of the renovation of an airport terminal in the USA, for which centrally controlled drives were initially planned.

Today, the numerous belt conveyors of the baggage handling system are equipped with bevel geared motors from NORD, many of them with decentralised drive control systems.

NORD SK 200E frequency inverters, for example, are built into the bevel geared motors and are responsible for the precision and the motion control of the baggage conveyor system.

More drive functions for additional safety and less hardware and wiring effort:

  • Safety circuit (STO)
  • DeviceNET™ network control via a PLC
  • Selector switch Local/OFF/Remote for operation via Modbus

NORD supplied its decentralised drives with M12 plug connectors to Logan Teleflex. The integrated electromechanical drive solution could be pre-assembled in the Daifuku assembly facility – thus saving costs for assembly and field wiring. This is also shortened the installation and commissioning times.

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