About Us

Techno Drive Center S.A.

Since 1994, TDC has contributed to the development of the industry with engineering and equipment solutions based on the highest European and US professional standards.

For this, we rely on the excellent work of our engineers and on technological cooperation with leading electromechanical and control electronics manufacturers, which include NORD as one of our most important partners. Therefore, we can offer our customers complete and reliable solutions for all their manufacturing processes and project developments.

Cooperation with our clients is one of the main features of this philosophy, which has allowed us to get to know our clients and gain their trust. In this way we have formed long-lasting and strong bonds, which are vital for addressing the needs of these market-leaders. We cooperate with these companies in order to help them achieve their goals and increase the effectiveness of their teams with our high technological standards.

Also, thanks to this philosophy we have been able to support higher education in Chile. We are proud to announce that our teams, as well as our educational modular panels for teaching and training in electrical, electronic and industrial control engineering are currently being used in university teaching. This development by TDC combines our engineering with high-quality industrial components, whose production is greatly assisten by NORD. We currently supply equipment to the following top level institutions:

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Sedes de Valparaíso, Santiago y Concepción)

Universidad del Bio-Bio

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

Instituto Técnico Virgilio Gómez Concepción"

NORD was founded in 1965. Our successful climb to the elite list of gearmotor manufacturers is due to our strategy to listen and to work closely with our customers. Together with the help of our customers and local partners, we have created optimal drive solutions and continue solid growth.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is represented in over 60 countries in the world. With more than 4,000 employees to ensure minimum lead times and fast customer service, you can expect on-time delivery and to have your questions answered quickly regardless of your geographic location.

With our powerful drive solutions, we put even the “Goliaths” of the world into motion for the mining and cement industries and much more. No matter what your application is, NORD is sure to put it into motion.
Our products embody an innovative combination between compact mechanics and intelligent electronics. We market and produce a complete product line of mechanical and electrical drive components including quality gear reducers, electric motors, AC vector drives, servo controllers and distributed drive technology.

Our high quality and service standards result from our customer focus. We develop industry leading products and innovative drive solutions based on customer input. Together, NORD and our customers are building long term business relationships.