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NORDAC PRO SK 500P: Synchronous teamwork in conveyor technology and automation

Drive systems from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provide all prerequisites for integration into an Industry 4.0 architecture. In particular, this applies to the new NORDAC PRO SK 500P series. It can also sequentially control up to four geared motors in positioning mode, thus saving additional frequency inverters in many positioning applications.

Bargteheide, 2020-06-10

The new NORDAC PRO family's modular frequency inverters for control cabinet installation offer concentrated functionality in a very small space. This way, the NORDAC PRO SK 500P frequency inverter can read out up to four encoder systems simultaneously and can therefore sequentially control four geared motors in positioning mode via POSICON control. The control selects the axis-related parameter set. The inverter controls external power relays and connects the respective motor. The motor-related encoder is read in and the axis moves in a position-controlled manner. After this, it can be changed to another POSICON axis. Typical applications can be found in warehouse technology: An axis moves the lifting equipment. After reaching the desired height, it switches to the drive for the gripper or the fork which takes the product from the shelf. Until recently, two frequency inverters were required: one for heaving and one for gripping. Now, one single NORDAC PRO SK 500P which reads all encoders and changes to the respective geared motors via a relay is all it needs.

A compact universal genius

As with all NORD frequency inverters, the new member of the NORDAC PRO family is equipped with a powerful PLC for functions close to the drive. The integrated PLC processes data from connected analogue and digital sensors and actuators (e.g. light barriers, temperature sensors or vibration sensors) or “position reached” messages of the internal positioning function, and can autonomously initiate sequence controls. This way, more complex multi-axis positioning systems can sequentially handle an independent process with one single NORDAC PRO. This saves money, space and installation work, and supports higher level control systems. Thanks to the PLC, the drives can form master-slave groups, which communicate with each other intelligently and take on independent control tasks.