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More efficient bending with parallel shaft geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

The Swedish machine manufacturer Comeco has revised the drive concept of its rebar bending machines, and equips the new machine generation with electric drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Compared to the classic hydraulic solution, the electric drives offer numerous advantages in terms of robustness, safety and operating convenience. They are also easier to maintain and more cost-effective.

Bargteheide, 2020-08-03

Comeco produces rebar bending machines with different diameters for construction companies and construction machinery rental companies. Working with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, the company has retrofitted one machine type for rebar diameters of up to 20 mm with electric drives. Currently, they are following it up with another series for diameters of up to 40 mm. Comeco researched ways to make the machines more robust and ideally cheaper to build, but without compromising on quality. For the new machine generation, all functions should be controlled by a PLC. NORD therefore proposed a drive with the NORDAC FLEX frequency inverter. With its PLC, the motor-mounted decentralised inverter realises precise speed control and positioning. Depending on their skills and the thickness of the steel bar, operators of the bending machine can select from two speed settings. The 20 mm machine can be programmed with two angles at a time. The operator can then conveniently go from one setting to the other via a switch button. The configured parallel shaft geared motors deliver high torques at a very compact size. The drives are delivered in pre-assembled and pre-parameterised form with a ParameterBox, which Comeco takes as is and installs in the machine operation panel. Instead of complex wiring of the hydraulic control system, the electronic drive only needs a power connection. As soon as the button is pressed, the machine actuates the set angle. After a bending process, the PLC reverses the drive and it returns to the initial position so that the steel bar can be easily and safely removed. The new machines with NORD drives are easier to operate than the hydraulic ones that Comeco has produced before. The design is so clear that each customer and each workshop may handle most of the problems themselves – although reparations are hardly required.