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Customised drive solutions for warehouse applications

Warehouse operators place high demands on the drives for their conveyor systems. They have to be compact, highly available and energy-efficient. NORD offers tailor-made solutions for this industry.

Bargteheide, 2021-06-16

By using NORD system solutions, the energy consumption of conveyor technology can be reduced. The solution consists of a latest generation IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor with high-efficiency and a NORDAC ON frequency inverter. The inverter has been optimised for warehouse applications: It features Ethernet interfaces and a programmable logic controller making it fully IIoT-ready. These NORD system solutions can be monitored via condition monitoring and therefore have a high availability.

As the IE5+ synchronous motors can be used over a wide frequency range and the Ethernet dialects are switchable via parameters, the number of drive versions can be reduced to a minimum. IE5+ motors from NORD are characterised by a high overload capacity and can therefore be optimally designed for each warehouse application’s load range. The drives can be combined with all gear units and the associated drive electronics from NORD. Thanks to the plug&play principle, they can be quickly installed or replaced.

In addition to solutions based on IE5+, NORD provides another drive system for warehouse applications. It consists of an 87 Hz motor with extended operating range, whose 350 V winding has been optimised for operation with frequency inverters. The very compact drive is particularly suitable for use in pallet conveyor technology, overhead conveyors (pouch sorters), container conveyor technology and link chain conveyors.