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DuoDrive: The tailor-made drive system for intralogistics

Highly efficient and very compact: This is how drive solutions for intralogistics should be. The new DuoDrive geared motor from NORD was specially developed to meet these requirements. DuoDrive takes up very little installation space and has the highest efficiency of a gear unit/motor combination in this power class.

Bargteheide, 2021-05-26

With DuoDrive, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides the ideal drive solution for conveyor systems in the food industry and intralogistics. The patented geared motor consists of a high-efficiency IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor and a single-stage helical gear unit. As both components are fully integrated in one housing, DuoDrive has a much slimmer design than competitor products. It therefore enables a narrow aisle width in conveyor applications.

At 92%, DuoDrive currently achieves the highest system efficiency in this power class. The IE5+-motor ensures top performance. It covers a wide torque range and is thus optimally designed for the economic partial load range in which most of the intralogistics applications run.

Thanks to the low power loss, DuoDrive does not require fan cooling and thus generates very low noise emissions (max. 65 dB(A)). The quiet running is a big advantage for intralogistics applications such as airport check-in or goods issue in the B2C area.

But DuoDrive does not only impress with its high power density and compact design. Thanks to the constant torque over a wide speed range, the geared motor allows for a reduction of variants and thus the reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO). DuoDrive is individually tailored to each application and specifically designed for each system’s load range.