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IE5+ motor: Made for the food industry

With exceptionally high efficiency and a wide torque range, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has developed a motor that is perfectly suitable for use in the food sector: The IE5+ motor offers full efficiency and environmental awareness for food applications.

Bargteheide, 2021-09-10

Maximum cleanliness is the dogma for manufacturing processes in the food industry. At the same time, agitators, conveyor systems, dosing and filling systems or packaging lines consume a lot of energy – the machines place correspondingly high demands on the drive technology in use. As one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is familiar with the industry's requirements. Scalable drive solutions such as the latest IE5+ motors have been specially designed for use in the food-processing industry .

Thanks to its smooth-surface and fanless hygienic design, it is particularly easy to clean. When used in harsh environments or when cleaning agents are involved, the nsd tupH surface treatment can be additionally applied to the IE5+ motors, making aluminium as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel and also allowing for the use of high-pressure cleaners. High corrosion resistance and reliability, and a long service life are additional advantages.

With the new generation of IE5+ motors, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS takes the step towards a new product system landscape with a focus on ultimate energy efficiency paired with compact design. The size 71 synchronous motor is suitable for the power range from 0.35 to 1.1 kW with a continuous torque from 1.6 to 4.8 Nm and speeds from 0 to 2,100 rpm. Size 90 is suitable for the power range from 1.1 to 2.2 kW with a continuous torque from 6.8 to 10 Nm. The new IE5+ motor sets standards in power density, reliability and efficiency, providing considerable performance advantages in terms of production, processing, filling and packaging of food and beverages.