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New automated small parts warehouse in Bargteheide

In Bargteheide, the headquarters of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, a state-of-the-art automated small parts warehouse is being built with a capacity of over 70,000 storage spaces and up to 900 stock movements per hour.

Bargteheide, 2021-05-05

Anyone who has visited the main factory in Bargteheide in recent months cannot have failed to notice that a new building has been erected on the plant premises. Since the beginning of 2021, the building work is almost completed and from the outside, the building appears to be finished. Inside, test operation is running.

The largest automated warehouse system of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group is being built in Bargteheide. In order to increase logistics capacities and material packaging capacities in particular, investments were made in an automated small parts warehouse with over 70,000 storage spaces at the headquarters. The system from the Austrian company KNAPP allows up to 900 stock movements per hour at full capacity and increases efficiency immensely thanks to the goods-to-person system.

Soon, the automated small parts warehouse will be put into operation and tested by NORD employees, and will then be shifted to live operation. During the start-up phase, the suppliers who previously delivered to the external warehouses will gradually be switched to delivery in Bargteheide. At the same time, material will be moved internally. After completion of this phase, the automated small parts warehouse will be integrated into the Bargteheide material flow and the material for the associated companies will be taken directly from it. In addition to the automated small parts warehouse, a narrow-aisle warehouse is being built inside the newly constructed building. Material packaging is also moving to the new plant while and will also be a second goods receipt and shipping area.

In the long term, this investment in the company's logistics ensures a short response time for material deliveries to associated companies and strengthens Bargteheide's position as a global logistics centre.