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NORDAC FLEX: For dynamic positioning of geared motors

NORD drive units consisting of a geared motor and a decentralised NORDAC FLEX SK 200E frequency inverter provide high dynamic performance, open up new design possibilities for developers and result in numerous cost savings.

Bargteheide, 2017-08-10

NORD's decentralised NORDAC FLEX SK 200E frequency inverters enable dynamic and precise control of asynchronous motors. The inverters provide scalable functions and can be adapted to every application thanks to their flexible configuration. Due to their comprehensive plug-in capability and easy parameter transfer via EEPROM, quick and easy installation and service of the inverters can be ensured.

For their palletising machines, the Dutch company SYMACH Palletizers uses energy-saving geared motors and motor-mounted frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. The POSICON inverter function enables highly dynamic positioning with a maximum precision of approx. 1/100 of a motor revolution. Position detection is carried out by a compact encoder system.

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