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Mobile service and tech support for drive customers in India

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS India has launched a mobile unit to provide on-site installation and maintenance services.


Bargteheide, 2017-09-18

From a base in Hyderabad in the south-central region of the subcontinent, qualified technical staff will be dispatched to production locations as requested by NORD customers. The scope of services includes installation of geared motors and drive electronics as well as repairs and scheduled maintenance. The "Extra Mile Service" moves NORD even closer to customers than before. Some 130 of them from all over India as well as two official representatives of the State Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana attended the launch ceremony, which was co-hosted by Ullrich Küchenmeister, managing partner of Getriebebau NORD, on behalf of the German parent company. P. L. Muthusekkar, managing director of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd., said: "Our customers from various sectors, from steel to food to textile, compete not just on the quality of their products, but on their responsiveness to their end users. Therefore, they depend on reliable, fully operational production facilities. So here we are, ready to service every NORD product in the least possible time. We want each customer to have an extra mile run with our products."

AT A GLANCE: NORD India and the Extra Mile Service

NORD India has a 13,000 m² factory in Pune

The Extra Mile Service comprises

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Repair