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Drive technology for handling bulk materials - Tough performers

NORD offers reliable, safe and customised drive solutions for handling bulk materials - such as the motor swing base solution for a phosphate mine in Morocco.

Bargteheide, 2018-03-19

Bulk material handling makes special demands on conveyor belts and their drive technology. The belts are usually installed outside without protection, are in continuous operation and have to be repaired quickly in case of faults. NORD drives are highly reliable, have a long life, are easy to maintain and have a low energy consumption. Thanks to these characteristics they can easily cope with the harsh conditions which prevail when conveying sand, gravel, and hardcore, etc.

For a Moroccan phosphate mine, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has designed an industrial gear unit with a rated torque of 240,000 Nm and many project-specific modifications – up to now, the largest system with a UNICASE housing. The drive system consists of an SK 15407 bevel gear industrial gear unit, a medium voltage motor with a rated power of 450 kW, a motor swing base, a turbo coupling and an electro-hydraulic brake. A total of 26 of these systems power a conveyor belt with a length of more than two kilometres, which transports phosphate ore with a weight of several hundred tons. The heavy duty gear unit combination ensures maximum availability and excellent tolerance of load peaks and shocks. The UNICASE construction prevents leakages and enables a compact design with very high radial and axial load capacities.

NORD provides comprehensive advice to its customers and creates individual drive solutions.