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Thorough Examination of Industrial Gear Units - Predictive Maintenance from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at the Hannover Fair

At the Hannover Fair 2018, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is giving a live demonstration of the opportunities of predictive maintenance concepts for servicing industrial gear units. For this, a test bed with two opposing industrial gear units will be set up, with which various operating states can be simulated.

Hanover Fair 2018

Bargteheide, 2018-04-19

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is illustrating the opportunities of digitalisation for the operating and servicing of industrial gear units at the Hannover Fair in Hall 15 on Stand H31 with a functional model using two MAXXDRIVETM industrial gear units which are equipped with vibration and temperature sensors. Among other things, the simulation demonstrates how intelligent, digitally networked system design can avoid unplanned downtimes, increase the availability of plant and machinery and conserve their value. In addition, maintenance costs can be reduced and servicing can be better planned.

In the context of the predictive maintenance concept , during a learning phase, the reference state is recorded on the basis of known component data. Using intelligent algorithms, the operating state can then be compared with the reference state in real time. This enables precise conclusions to be drawn regarding the state of all gear unit components. In case of abnormalities, warnings are automatically issued via the Cloud, so that servicing can be arranged in good time. The logged and analysed data are available in a web interface. The function of the system can be demonstrated to exhibition visitors on the basis of roller bearings with various degrees of damage.