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Intelligent NORD drive technology in the cowshed

The Danish company Celi Invest has specialised in the production of electrically powered cow brushes. Since the Danes changed to drive technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, their brushes work perfectly. Intelligent and robust drives ensure reliable, safe and efficient operation.

Bargteheide, 2021-01-06

For the automatic cattle brush that enables the animals in the cowshed to rub and brush their hair, an autonomous process control has been implemented directly in the integrated PLC of the decentralised, intelligent NORD drive. For this purpose, a vibration sensor has been connected to the frequency inverter that registers every approaching cow. Based on the sensor signal, the drive is started and the brush rotates. The drive automatically changes to reversing operation via torque monitoring if, for example, a cow’s tail gets caught in the brush. Torque monitoring is possible via the status data available in the frequency inverter for each NORD inverter. A timer function stops the NORD drive after a specified time so that other cows can also enjoy a massage. The sensor connection, torque monitoring, reversing operation and timer are implemented only via the inverter PLC in this application example. Functions like this add value not only in the cowshed, but also in industrial applications.