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NORD white paper: Energy efficiency with three-phase motors

By the use of optimised inverter and drive concepts, significant energy savings can be achieved in industrial drive technology. In the new NORD white paper on energy efficiency, you will gain important detailed knowledge about the design of energy-efficient geared motors and frequency inverters as well as the current international efficiency regulations.

Bargteheide, 2021-07-07

In addition to global considerations on industrial energy consumption, the free NORD DRIVESYSTEMS white paper explains the concept of energy efficiency, how it is influenced by the structural parameters of three-phase motors and which measures can be taken to improve the efficiency of geared motors and drive systems. The global standard and the current implementation of energy regulations (IE classes) will also be highlighted. In the context of frequency inverters, the authors go into the applicable regulations and the possibilities for determining energy efficiency. Finally, the criteria and characteristics for future-proof frequency inverters are explained.