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Predictive maintenance concepts from NORD

With the drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, drive and status data can be recorded regularly or permanently in order to optimise the operational safety and efficiency of plant and machinery. Based on this information, concepts for predictive maintenance can also be developed.

Bargteheide, 2020-01-27

The objective of predictive maintenance is to proactively maintain machinery and equipment and to detect changes at an early stage, to reduce downtimes and to increase the efficiency of the entire plant. A status-oriented maintenance replaces the traditional time-based maintenance. The detection and avoidance of impermissible operating states at an early stage avoid unplanned downtimes and machine failures. Predictive maintenance enables plannable machinery and plant downtimes based on real drive and process data. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS uses a drive-based approach where intelligent algorithms and virtual sensors transfer information from condition monitoring to predictive maintenance. An example is the sensorless determination of the optimum oil change time based on the oil temperature. This is based on the fact that the oil temperature is a key factor for oil ageing in gear units. This information in combination with available gear unit parameters and specific operational parameters make it possible to precisely calculate the oil change time.