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NORD uses environmentally friendly high-solid paints

Optimum coatings and paints protect the surfaces of NORD drive systems and ensure an aesthetic and uniform appearance of the system and the company. NORD uses the latest generation of high-solid paints which considerably reduces the emission of solvents during paintwork far below the legally required limits. This kind of paintwork is getting new designations while technical properties remain unchanged.

Bargteheide, 2020-09-21

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers a wide range of environmentally friendly paints to provide the optimum surface protection for your application and environmental conditions. With up to 80%, high-solid paints contain a large proportion of solid material. With their low solvent content of only approximately 20%, they cause considerably less environmental pollution than other paints. The high-solid paints which we use combine the emission benefits of hydro paints with the functionality of solvent-based coating materials. In addition, the lower solvent proportion allows very short drying times in production – a decisive advantage over water-based coating systems. The substrates materials for water-based coating systems have to be cleaned and de-greased with solvents before they are painted.

Selecting a suitable coating system for the NORD drive solution depends on the environmental and operating conditions at the installation site. In the future, the designation of NORD surface protection classes will change. However, the properties and the quality of the respective coating classes will remain unchanged. The new surface classes C2 to C5 are based on the classification of environmental conditions according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2. The Basic/Basic+ coating for indoor installation drives corresponds to class C2 (previously F2). Then, layer thickness and the number of paint layers increase, starting from the NORD Severe Duty 2/2+ coating, class C2 (previously F3.0.) for protected outdoor installation up to NORD Severe Duty 5/5+, class C5 (previously F3.3) for outdoor installation in city and industrial atmospheres with high contamination. You can find a clear and detailed diagram on the coating types in the “Surface protection for NORD drive solutions” brochure.