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The all-rounder: the NORD UNIVERSAL motor

The new NORD UNIVERSAL motor has been certified according to all common standards and can be used throughout the world. The NORD UNIVERSAL motor allows for a systematic reduction of variants and offers decisive cost advantages, especially for international projects.

Bargteheide, 2020-07-13

The new energy-efficient NORD UNIVERSAL motor is available with power ranges from 0.12 to 45 kW. It can be used for the main global markets in Europe, USA, Canada, China, India, Russia and Ukraine without further adjustments. This significant reduction of variants is possible through the certification of the UNIVERSAL motor according to CE, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC, ISI and others.

Specifically for globally distributed machines and systems, and for international projects, the reduction of country-specific variants results in significant cost savings for system integrators and operators. Fewer variants and part numbers have to be processed and managed, the drive selection is easier and the procurement efforts are reduced. At the same time, fewer incorrect orders or incorrect installations result in lower error costs. Documentation efforts are also reduced thanks to standardisation and reduction of variants. The simpler maintenance and commissioning through the standardisation, modularity and pluggability of NORD's drive technology also reduces efforts.

The new NORD UNIVERSAL motor is an asynchronous motor with efficiency class IE3. As standard, it is equipped with a temperature sensor and is available in four variants in IEC sizes from 63 to 225: foot-mounted motor (B3), flanged motor (B5 or B14), NEMA C flange, NEMA foot-mounted motor. Optional equipment features include a motor plug connection, single or double protective shields, mechanical brake, external fan and IP66 protection class.