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NORDAC FLEX: True all-rounders for conveyor technology

The NORDAC FLEX SK 205E series has been designed, among other things, for use with baggage transport systems at airports or conveyor systems in parcel distribution centres. The compact, flexible and energy-efficient frequency inverter offers a wide power range of up to 22 kW and enables potential energy savings, especially during partial load operation.

Bargteheide, 2021-09-14

The inverter can be used to control standard asynchronous motors, high-efficiency synchronous motors and brake motors. It can be installed close to the drive in the field or motor-mounted. Power and data cable connections are available as plug-in versions. The decentralised system enables short motor and encoder cables as well as short supply cables to sensors. Encoder feedback can be included, for example, for position-controlled transport systems. The large overload capacity of the NORDAC FLEX SK 205E makes dynamic movements with short start and stop times or cyclic operation possible. The integrated POSICON control enables high precision in synchronous and positioning applications.

Optional modules and extensions

For easy integration into control systems, the NORDAC FLEX can be extended through optional communication modules for common field bus systems and Industrial Ethernet dialects including Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet IP and POWERLINK. Functional safety can be realised via STO. In addition, the PROFIsafe extension supplements the STO control via Industrial Ethernet with extended functions such as Safe Direction or Safe Limited Speed.

Encoders and interfaces

Drive-related sensors can be read in via digital inputs and autonomously evaluated, or reported to the higher-level control by bus. The digital inputs can also read the signals of an incremental encoder on dynamic speed control or positioning with the standard POSICON function. Absolute encoders eliminate the need for reference runs. The encoders can be evaluated with the inverter via the CANopen-based system bus interface. With this interface, several drives can be easily synchronised with each other, and function as a master-slave system.

Diagnostics and parameterisation

External actuators such as signal lamps can be controlled via the inverter’s digital output. With the NORDCON APP, NORD offers a diagnostic tool that can communicate wirelessly with the inverter via Bluetooth. For this, a Bluetooth module is inserted into the serial interface port. As an alternative, control boxes with numeric display or plain text in 12 languages may be connected, that enable diagnostics as well as parameterisation and control of the frequency inverter.

With the NORDCON software solution, a free program for PC or laptop, NORD goes one step further. Besides the common diagnostic and control functions, the tool also offers simple project data management and the programming of the integrated PLC, that can autonomously control the drive-related functions.