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Decentralised NORD drive technology in large wine cellars

For more than eight years, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies the leading French manufacturer of wine pumps, CAZAUX ROTORFLEX, with decentralised drive systems consisting of a geared motor and frequency inverter. Equipped with NORD drives, the patented rotary lobe pumps (pompes à lobes) are in demand from winegrowers and cellar masters all over the world due to their versatility and reliability.

Waunakee, WI, 2020-06-29

Since wine is a sensitive product, pumping operations must be as gentle as possible. At the same time, high and uniform flow rates are required, even with very viscous intermediate and residual media, so that further processing can continue. This is ensured by the innovative operating principle of the LOB 300 rotary lobe pump with which all wine cellar pumping and draining processes can be managed. With its patented double-bladed piston, made of food-safe nitrile rubber, it ensures a high and uniform flow rate even with very viscous media that have a large proportion of solid matter. LOB series lobe pumps are the latest innovation from CAZAUX ROTORFLEX. Across the series, the company relies on robust and compact drive systems from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Reliable drive

CAZAUX purchases almost 400 products from NORD every year, including 230 geared motors with decentralised frequency inverters alone. In addition to its high reliability, the compact design, quiet running and versatile functional range of the drive systems convinced CAZAUX. As a further advantage, the geared motors’ robust and at the same time lightweight aluminium construction stood out. Mobile pumps should be designed as weight-saving as possible in order to easily move them to where they are currently needed.

High precision regulation at low speed

Frequency inverters from the NORDAC FLEX series are characterised by their high precision regulation. Extending into low speed ranges, the drive control reliably prevents strong, quality-impairing turbulences. The drive systems ensure precise flow setting and can measure the density, temperature and volume of the media at the same time. In addition, the inverter ensures smooth starting and stopping of the motor, enables self-regulating speeds adapting to specified pressure ranges and provides effective protection against dry running.