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TCO calculations from NORD reveal potential savings

Thanks to the boom in online retailing, shipping providers need to increase capacity and at the same time improve the efficiency of their processes. Parcel distribution centres play a key role here, sorting the large amount of shipments in record times and preparing them, in fully automated processes, for forwarding to regional delivery points.

Bargteheide, 2021-01-13

A large share of the energy costs in parcel distribution centres is accounted for by drive technology. Therefore, energy consumption provides the greatest leverage for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With modernised freight centres, parcel services are able to better manage the increasing number of shipments. Three points are particularly important: high operational reliability with minimum downtime, low TCO as well as minimal maintenance. Therefore, the system should be equipped with energy efficient, reliable and service-friendly drive technology. Individual TCO calculations from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS can unlock undreamt-of efficiency potentials. If there is an existing system, the actual loads are measured and set against the installed power. This way, cost drivers quickly come to light. Energy efficiency and version reduction play a significant role here. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has the relevant expertise, extensive experience and tailor-made products , such as the new and highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motors, to optimise existing parcel distribution centres.