Since the company was founded, NORD has set high standards with its innovative and quality drive solutions.


In the early 1980’s, NORD engineers developed one of the most important innovation in gearbox contruction: the UNICASE housing. The UNICASE housing is a one-piece housing that supports all transmission components. The benefits of this design are, leak-free sealing, greater operational reliability, low noise, higher output torque, high overhung and thrust capacity, longer maintenance intervals and longer gearbox life. The UNICASE housing quickly established itself on the market and today it is still the industry standard.

Modular, flexible and individual solutions

Early on NORD recognize the value of the modular design: to gain maximum options from the minimum number of components. Soon after the UNICASE housing was developed, and once again NORD was considered the innovative leader in the power transmission industry. Our flexibility, coupled with individual based custom solutions, short lead-times and fair priced product has convinced users from all industries that we are indeed the industry leader

NORD geared motors used in various applications.

NORD products in use

Our intelligent drive solutions are used around the world: the world’s largest shipyard portal crane, name “Goliath” in Denmark; the retractable roof at Colonial Stadium in Australia; the Corona Brewery in Mexico; in a sawmill in Canada; the National Theatre in China – Nord drive technology make things move around the world.