UNICASE bevel geared motor

  • 성능: 0.16 HP - 268 HP
  • 토크 범위: 1,593 lb-inch - 442,537 lb-inch
Sizes: 11
Ratio: 8,04 - 13432,68

GinD gondolas

Metered moving

Góndolas in Design, S.L., develops and manufactures custom systems for the maintenance and cleaning of building façades. Innovative gondola systems meet many particular challenges. Drive technology supplied by NORD is responsible for lifting, rotating and precisely positioning the gondola system for cleaning of building façades. In this context, an SK 500E frequency inverter is responsible for several tasks.

Stros Hoists

Custom Drive Solutions for Construction Hoists

The Czech construction hoist manufacturer STROS serves customers around the world. NORD drive units for STROS construction hoists comprise three bevel gear motors with external brake resistors equipped with a NORDAC PRO SK 500E control cabinet inverter with lifting gear functionality that is responsible for soft starting and braking and for high positioning accuracy.


Drive Solutions for Access Shafts

The conveyor technology specialist ElectroMech is India's biggest crane system manufacturer and offers solutions for various industrial manufacturing applications and for infrastructure projects. In Pune, the company produces a wide range of lifting equipment and cranes. Precisely synchronised, robust NORD drives with frequency inverters installed in control cabinets move lifting equipment for lowering and raising the supply platforms.