Riduttore a vite senza fine UNIVERSAL SI

Modulare e flessibile

  • Performance: 0.16 - 5.0 hp
  • Torque range: 186 - 4,683 lb-in
Sizes: 5
Mounting position: UNIVERSAL
Ratio: 5.00 - 3,000.00 : 1


UNIVERSAL SI Worm Gear Units provide a high power density and are extremely compact. They are characterised by having low-noise torque transmission. Thanks to their simple and effective structure they take up considerably less room than other types of gear unit.

  • Hollow and solid shaft gear units
  • Push-on, flange and foot mounted versions
  • Angled gear units

  • High overload capacity
  • Application-specific versions
  • Soft and quiet running
  • Aluminium housing version for low weight
  • Optional 10:1 helical input stage and compound worm assemblies
  • Modular, flexible and versatile application
  • nsd tupH version possible
  • Oversized output bearings for high load capacity

  • Intralogistics
  • Conveying
  • Setting-drives

Direct Access

Industria agroalimentare Treif

Un taglio intelligente

Treif Maschinenbau GmbH, con sede a Oberlahr, è uno dei principali produttori mondiali di impianti e sistemi per il taglio di alimenti. Tramite le funzioni di azionamento programmabili a norma IEC 61131, il convertitore di frequenza SK 500E consente alle macchine da taglio il porzionamento di svariati alimenti.