MAXXDRIVE® Industrial Gear Units

SAFOMI-IEC for Mixers

The compact combination of MAXXDRIVE™ industrial gear units and the SAFOMI-IEC adapter is optimally suited for mixers. Wearing parts and attached components can be reduced, because the SAFOMI-IEC adapter provides an integrated oil expansion volume. This results in greater operational reliability and less maintenance.

  • Excellent operation reliability
  • Compact and simple design
  • Reduced maintenance

Sealless Adapter For Mixers (SAFOMI)

Fewer wearing parts

  • No shaft sealing ring required between the gear unit and the IEC adapter (In combination with the SAFOMI-IEC-Adapter using an oil-tight motor is mandatory)

Fewer attached components

  • Reduced oil level, no additional oil tank necessary
  • Less installation space

Version comparison

Overview of conversion steps

1 Drain off the oil
2. Remove themotor, IEC adapter, hoses and tank

3 Remove the piping andbearing cover

4 Install the SAFOMI-IECadapter
5 Install the ventpiping

6 Install the dipstick