How to increase operational reliability for mixer applications.

This can be realised by reducing wearing parts and drive attachments, as demonstrated by the new adapter from NORD.

Using robust and proven technology

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units from NORD are also an excellent choice in mixing and agitation processes. They are based on an FEM-optimised, compact design for ultimate external loads and ensure reliable operation under extreme conditions. Based on an extensive modular system, they can be individually designed for each application.

Combination with new adapter

The compact combination of MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units with a SAFOMI-IEC adapter (sealless adapter for mixers) and an oil-tight standard IEC/NEMA drive motor is the best choice for mixer and agitator applications to reduce the number of wearing and attachment parts. The SAFOMI-IEC adapter has a compact and simple design, and is equipped with an integrated oil expansion volume. The change to a SAFOMI-IEC adapter instead of the standard IEC adapter on the agitator drive increases operational reliability and lowers maintenance costs.

MAXXDRIVE Parallel Gear Unit

Performance: 1,5 - 4.000 kW; Torque range: 15.000 - 282.000 Nm; High strength precision-made one-piece housing; Modular and flexible design for optimum adaptation to your application; Low running noise

SAFOMI-IEC for mixers

Excellent operating reliability; Compact and simple design; Reduced maintenance