Quality & Service

Precision Production

With all our products, our customers can depend on the very highest quality. Future-oriented production methods, qualified employees and consistent quality management sustainably ensure the performance and durability of our innovative drive solutions. We have the procedures, products and especially hold customer benefits in full view, in every phase of development and production.

The Center of Attention: Our Customers

Customer value and customer satisfaction are the top business objectives of NORD and are therefore our main goal. We focus on our customer's requirements right from the beginning. In close cooperation with planners and designers, as well as engineers and technicians on the application side, we create the most efficient and cost-effective solution tailor-made to the individual customer. Our development and marketing engineers make each point their own, until the best possible solution has been reached for the customer and until it has been installed and works successfully.

For our customers this means:

  • Dependability
  • Safety
  • Long service life for our products

Quality Standards Are Not Enough

NORD drive components are calculated according to DIN 3990, NIEMANN, and AGMA standards. We are also ISO 9001 certified and are constantly improving our quality system to ensure our customers receive the best products in the industry.

Quality Materials, Quality Equipment

NORD drive solutions are made with precision and are used in the most demanding applications. We continually invest in the best modern production equipment and ensure our raw materials are of the highest quality. All of our production stages are subjected to strict quality controls, so you can rely on NORD to provide drives with the highest performance operation and reliability.

Service Anytime, Anywhere

NORD's service is not limited to our 24-hour emergency hotline. We have specially trained, highly knowledgeable personnel all over the world who offer competent advice, correct lead times, and reliable support. NORD can provide the right service for all of your needs including preventative maintenance, replacement parts, technical questions, order status, and order expediting. You can be assured that we will go well beyond simply delivering and installing our drive technology.

Professional Information, Service and Training Tools

Not only are NORD customer service professionals always available to you; we also provide online service tools so you can have access to your account information anytime, anywhere.. Our customers also benefit from special training programs aimed at keeping customers current on the advantages, capabilities, and new products that NORD offers.